Roguish Rhyme

  • Here we are done with our task!
  • So where is my dagger, he shall to us ask.
  • Not even a minute in the sunlight, can we bask?
  • To the inn! I wish to tap a new cask.
  • How you doin’, how have you been?
  • Man I’m glad to see you again.
  • Being this stupid must be a sin.
  • No time for rest I have need again!
  • But nay, its off to do another chore!
  • Man I just got tired of their war…
  • As we walk off I call his mother a whore.
  • Filling up buckets, heh, what a bore…
  • We planted traps. We hid them well.
  • Died of poison, those rogues fell.
  • Why burn the brewery, such a crime deserves hell.
  • They are for whom it rings. The skirmish bell!
  • Protect this, protect that, fill this bucket…
  • I just want to tell him to FUCK IT!


I’m going to hold off on my “A View From a Killer” until we finish the towns defense. So this will be my partial log for the events of last game.

Roguish Rhyme

+75 exp, well done. Loved it!

Roguish Rhyme

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