Bloody Mess, the fall of a comrad

Throughout the night we fight against numerous foes. Swords clashing, flesh rending, arrows flying, … there is blood, our blood. The enemy has tested our mettle and we have succeeded, but at a cost. Rask has fallen, following that reckless Coyote he has met what may be his end. I believe his energy persists in this realm and will take his shell to the temple in town. If he wishes and they are able, he might be given a second chance.

Have I truly done my best to protect these mortals I am with? I believe I now have a better understanding of fate, you can control your destiny, but only if you have the will to do so.


Fixing, was sent via fat finger

Bloody Mess, the fall of a comrad

+50 exp. Damn, you guys are good!

Bloody Mess, the fall of a comrad

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