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Campaign Setting: Ravenloft
Character Background Location: Ouroboros (

Ravenloft Location: The Domain of Silvane
Character Current Base of Operations: Fairhaven

Current Primary Plot: Characters have been conscripted into the Fairhaven military.

Primary Mission: Clear the Crypt of Pelor of undead.
Secondary Mission: Repair the undead bodies with rituals.
Tertiary Plot: Return a missing dagger to Romzen Yeworm.

Primary NPC contact: Romzen Yeworm, Halfing liason to MOLE (Ministry of Logistical Equilibrium)
Secondary NPC contact: Arce, Human monk trainer
Tertiary NPC contacts: Soha, Lampho, Tenabre, Dalbert Hunnings

Current PC location: Crypt of Pelor, Fairhaven

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