House Rules

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  • Allies who are prone in a square or down enemies cause that square to become difficult terrain for movement. A DC check 10(+3 per size above medium) Acrobatics is required to stand in those squares and make an attack.
  • Rituals that are measured in minutes are instead measured in rounds. A 10 minute ritual will take 1 minute(10 rounds) instead. Rituals that are 1 hour or longer are not reduced in time. I may adapt this rule to allow players to eventually “Store” prepared rituals during extended rests to shorten the time to use them.
  • Passive perception will not be used for sessions I create. I will only use passive perception with premade modules that have set DCs. I will we rolling YOUR perception checks for you using a software utility to represent passive perception or I may simply ask you to roll perception checks if I am not concerned about you knowing something is going on.

House Rules

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