The View of a Killer - Day 1 (RV1)
I have somehow awakened in a strange land. To my suprise I’m not dead, but I’m on a different plane. What the hell does this mean? I was watching my wife being taken away from me and then everything went black. I know I was in the arena fighting and I was hit in the head. How did I end up here… I need to resume the search NOW!

I can’t leave this inn… The cursed owner will not let me. Now I’ve been “conscripted” into this ragtag army of people trapped here. From being a slave in one land, being free, and back to slave again. I am a slave only in name! I will kill anyone who hinders me in finding my wife. I only play along with this because I cannot leave these lands without the help of others.

Wow… So I’m already on my first mission with the newly christened 74th Cadre… I wonder what happened to the others. On second thought… Nevermind it doesn’t matter. We have to clear some crypt of some “should be dead things but they’re not.” Oh well, my blades hunger. Its been a while since I’ve gotten to kill. They frowned upon killing in the arena (too many slave masters didn’t want their slaves dead…You can’t make money off dead slaves). Dead, alive, undead… Its all the same. I hope no one gets in my way. I would hate to hurt one of these “soldiers” because they got in my way.

We fought statues in the first room. They must have been some sort of defence put up by the Clerics of Pelor. They were easy prey. The second room ended without a hitch as well. We killed the skeletons of these past heroes. Psh… I guess they don’t retain their old fighting skills. If they did then they deserved to die. We had to go back because we needed to regroup and regain focus.

- End of Day One

Welcome to Ravenloft - Mhadcrysilo's Notes (RV1)
Yesterday I woke in Liberty Point, today I am in an unknown land. This is some sort of dream, if I am even able to have such things, or maybe this is punishment, I am unsure. I do know that the sensations I am experiencing now I have never had before. It is almost a blessing, more than a curse, for me to be here. I have joined with a band of mortals that have also come here unknowingly, our unspoken quest… to return. While that option eludes us I look forward to experiencing as many sensations I can, I am actualy excited about the possibilities.

note to self: Unarmed people with children should be dealt with using compassion, not a sword! ... my inner self mourns… this particular sensation is interesting and yet difficult to deal with all at once.

Crypts of Pelor - by Taeghan (RV1B)
Ramblings of a Maniac Elf
Well, we’re taking a break before seeing why those skeletons up ahead want out so bad. That was a hellacious fight. I think I’ll name my diary “The Red Apple Chronicles.” This is day 2 since we left the inn. I truly am cursed to be in such a hellish realm.

I have to admit, I was impressed with the amber crystalline creature, even if I can’t pronounce his name. He controlled the action very well – gave me some good shots! That Coyote is one crazy human – reminds me of my cousin. I hope I don’t have to kill him as well when he does something stupid and gets himself possessed or controlled! I didn’t like the greedy look he got in his eyes when I handed the dagger over to Vindar-Ka.

I must speak with the pale priest about this Raven Queen. My faith in Melora is weakening in this realm of shadows and damnation! Well, Vindar-Ka is rousing us. As long as we stick the 2 Dragon men up front, we should be just fine.

I wonder if we’ll ever see the Minotaur and Nene again. It was nice to see one of the People who practice the lost art of Bladesinging; but I can’t dwell on reminders of my past life—look forward and move ahead!

Day 2 in the Raven Queen’s Realm [from the pages of “The Red Apple Chronicles,” being the journal of the Ranger Taeghen Eveningfall]

NPC Romzen - The Crypts of Pelor
I assigned the newly arrived ‘lost’ to the 74th cadre here in Fairhaven. They took it pretty well. And other than the beastly minotaur who requested a larger bed and the female sword mage who asked for separate sleeping facility there were not even any odd requests. Much preferable to that hot-headed ardent a month ago who said he had no intention of spending a day in this….what did he call it….”Shithole”.

I would have put them on city defense reinforcement duty, but the clergy of Pelor found that all the bodies in their temple had been raised as undead the last time the city was assaulted and thus they wanted it taken care of.

Cadre 74 spent the afternoon clearing out some of the undead. I heard that a few clay constructs had also be put in their path; pretty typical. They spent a night resting in the barracks and I assigned cleanup rituals to a couple of the arcanists. The clergy told me they wouldn’t take another step into the crypts without it being cleaned up and the bodies put back together properly.

Cadre 74 is down there right now. I hope they finish up and get back soon and I hope they don’t forget that dagger I told them to look for. It seems every time I send them down there, someone wants them to do more.

-Thoughts by Romzen Yeworm

NPC Dalbert Hunnings - Welcome to Ravenloft
It was just another dismal day here in Fairhaven. The rain continuously muddies all of the streets. It keeps the farmers from being able to harvest their crops, the ranchers from being able to let their sheep roam to distant greener pastures, and it means I will have to gather more ‘lost’ from the Waxing Wild Inn in a dingy downpour.

I hear there are six more ‘lost’ this time. They just keep showing up in Silvane; sucked from their home worlds into our hell. They often spend days in broken down spirits as they realize everything and everyone they have ever known has been lost to them for all time.

This group won’t have that luxury. I will turn them over to MOLE and they will put them to work reinforcing the defenses of the town before the next attack begins, which will likely occur within the next few days based upon the regularity with which the attacks have occurred as of late. I hope these strangers take the situation more seriously than the last group. We buried all but one of them just days ago before most in the town had even had a chance to know them.

I have to turn over more of the people’s taxes to that gutter snipe Hep Mcgee too. He is less deserving than nearly anyone I can think of in this town and yet we constantly fill his pockets. He mistreats his adopted daughter Henna and would certainly be placed in the stockades if he wasn’t the brother-in-law of the magistrate.

Well it is time to go deliver the bad news to another group of strangers…Let’s hope none of them choose to strangle me.

—from Dalbert Hunning’s Diary Entry #53


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