Choices, defense of a town.
I do not know if I should have saved Coyote or not, his recklessness is unmatched, I may regret that decision as it came close to ending my lite as well. If it were not for Vindar-Ka and Taeghan it would have been the end. One of our attackers fled and appears to have eluded us. I can hear fighting elsewhere in the town, “Guys, we must move hastily!”
Waivering Faith

I have new ‘feelings’, mortals call them anger and fear. Elves, to be insulted by such a being is nothing new. However, I now have fear that we may be headed into darkness, a place I wish never to return, and a place these mortals surely will not return from. For an elf to lose their faith in less than two days in unheard of, I must be steadfast, my will shall not falter.

A Killer's Thoughts (RV1C - Mission Notes)
So I’ve been thinking about this Romzen Yeworm… It all has to do with this dagger. He is trying to make us do his dirty work. It is pretty clever. I think once we give it to him he is going to take it for himself and we will be blamed for it down the line. I’m curious as to why he wants this dagger. I don’t feel he deserves it. If you want something you have to take it by force yourself, but don’t use others to do so. He truly has to be a terrible thief with no pride in his abilities.

I just hope this doesn’t cause the sword swap I pulled to come to light. Hopefully the Priests are to lazy to lift the heavy lid. I mean it took three of us to do it… Thats like five or six of those lazy bastards. I’m starting to wonder if turning this dagger over will be a bad idea. You steal one thing your less likely to get caught, but two… That is a little more noticable. At least I left a decoy weapon in its place… They will be less likely to notice… I guess I need to talk to the Cleric and have him beg the Raven Queen to cover for us. Maybe just maybe… I’m not really the religious type but if I get to kill stuff… I’ll work for her for a while.

—Coyote Brown

Points of view
“And what would the Raven Queen think of us looting a crypt, my friend?” asked Taeghen.

Vindar-Ka furrowed his brow and spoke, “You’ve actually touched on a sore spot within the Church of the Goddess. On one side you have the Romanticists, who view taking items from the dead as sacrilege. The dead should rest in peace, they say, and what we are doing is no different than raising undead. Within the church they are a minority, albeit a very vocal one.”

“On the other side you have the Pragmatists, who point out that the Raven Queen is not the goddess of the dead, but of death itself. In their view it would be foolish not to use every tool at your disposal to carry out her commandments. It is not below them to actually seek out the interred for personal gain. The common term is ‘grave robbers’, I believe.”

“In reality most Shadar-Kai fall somewhere in the middle. That’s where I am in my spiritual journey. Perhaps as time goes on something will sway me one direction or the other, but for now I see no problem in taking what can be of use to us. We are restoring the bodies to their rightful state of rest, so I think we can be forgiven if we take some of these items as recompense.”

“I could get used to such a way of thinking, my friend,” said the elf, as he helped Vindar-Ka gather the loot.

Of Daggers, Dead Bodies, and Fights
"You're all fools!"
Taeghen wearily looks up as Mhadchrysilo and Coyote are bickering over the loot. “You’re all fools,” he announced. “If Romzen wants that dagger, let him come and fight for it. Also, I wasn’t brought here to put bodies back together; I’m here to create bodies and take them apart. I’m going up top where the enemies are more clearly marked.” He stalks off down the corridor towards the upper chambers.
Nobody's Fool (RV1C)
Red Apple Chronicles, Entry 2

The longer we stay in this cursed crypt, the more I get the sense of being a plaything of the Gods. Well, the Gods may make a fool of me, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let the fat human Dalbert and shifty Halfling Ramzen make a fool of me. We are being used, that’s for sure—it’s just a matter of time before we become a cautionary tale for Cadre 75. The only true state of existence is death; I felt her sweet caress ever so briefly as I dropped under the brutal cold of the undead warrior’s cruel sword, which is why I have abandoned Melora and sworn fealty to the Raven Queen.

Coyote seems to be coming unhinged more by the moment. I fear he may turn on the party after his escapades against the “captain” of the undead soldiers we just fought. Mhadchrysilo literally fell to pieces under the stress of learning the true essence of our plight. He will come to see the darkness in time. Perhaps when I next write I will seal my fate by eating the apple.


Unfortunate ties (RV1C)
After today I think sitting in a cave for the next century might be a better idea…

Halfway through our mission to restore the tomb we were interrupted. One of our Dragonborn teammates was pulled away, he hadn’t even been with us a full day yet. The people in charge at least had the decency to replace him, a Deva named Raziel, even if only for the moment. I have met a few Deva since coming into existence, most have been quite noble, although a few worked for Chaos in some of the more… unmentioned tasks hoping to become a Rakshasa in the next life. The intent of this one has yet to be seen.

The team seems to be coming together just as Coyote does something so typically human; jumping around acting like a fairy or harlequin and shameless the whole time seeking to be glorified by landing killing blows. He is nothing like the rogues I worked with back in Liberty Point. Maybe some day he will mature.. heh, who am I kidding, he is a human, one can hope though right? Well one thing is for sure, we definitely have a ‘thief’ among us.

With Paelius holding his ground, Vindar-Ka praying for our bodies, and Taeghan with his mostly accurate archery we may become a formidable outfit yet. I am uncertain how many individuals will join or leave our group but one thing is certain, I must control myself if I am to help control the battlefield. I allowed the emotions that brought me into being take hold of my actions. This almost led to my physical manifestation being destroyed, if that happens my days of experiencing new sensations may be over, I can not allow that.

About Taeghan, that fellow is very confused. He foolishly believes that by invoking the names of the certain gods that I am some sort of follower and he is actually trying to convert me. I am not sure I should entertain him or not, Vindar-Ka seems to have converted him to the Raven Queen, whoever that is. Silly mortals, but for an elf to lose his faith so easily… something is very wrong in this land, very wrong indeed.

Whatever our future holds, for now, our fates are tied, however unfortunate they may be.

View From a Killer- Day 2 pt 3 (RV1C)
We had some more new blood today. Some new guy named Raziel he says he is a Deva. I think he may not be smart.. I mean who messes up the word ‘diva’. Anyways, he hurts the undead pretty good. He does more damage than the cleric does to undead, plus he hits multiple enemies. He makes them extra crispy! I don’t know what he said to Rask to make him leave but it must have been important, seeing how he rushed out so.

I got to surprise some undead who were preoccupied with the doors at the end of the hall. They were clawing at it trying to open it. I decided I would show off some of my dagger throwing skills. I showed off my skills and hit one undead in both eyes. One of these throws with an ally in the way. I nailed that shot. No one noticed it though because someone was throwing Flaming Bags’O’Crap at us. They were more of an insult than a hindrance. Some people decided to stomp them out… HEHEHEHEHE… We cleared the initial group but were ambushed by 4 more from our flank. We defeated those and the poop flingers.

We walked into the hall the poop flingers were hiding and I found three unlit poop bags aka Alchemist’s Fire. I snatched them off the shelf before anyone could notice. I snickered because I sensed a prank in the making. The new guy and the cleric were going back and forth. Good thing he wasn’t talking about me because if you call me something and I don’t understand. I get offended… Just ask Paelius T’wrynn… You talk crap, you get hit with my coin purse. That’s what you get for using big words I don’t understand. He still had the bloodstains on the back of his helmet since we had not left the dungeon yet. I wonder how long it will take him to notice… HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The room at the end of the hall has 2 caskets in it. One with a big stone carving of a warrior with a huge sword… The other looks kind of plain. So someone decided to show off and open the thing by their self. It took a while… The slab came off and nearly crushed me. I tumbled out of the way and a body was inside. Looks like this guy was a rich guy. Dressed all fancy in robes and has a book and a… OMG a chest! Reach to grab it and try to open it I get slapped on the hands by Mad… He said don’t touch it may be cursed. Here I’ll use the force and pick it up then use your tools on it but no flesh contact… Yeah the second my tools hit the lock we were surrounded. HOLY SHITE! There is so many… queue the heroic music I killed 3 (2 archers and 1 warrior) of the undead with ease. There was no casters. There was 5 warriors and 5 archers. Then all of a sudden a huge skeleton comes out of the far casket. I dubbed him Capt. Crunch! The sucker was definitely large and in charge. I killed him by the way! Well again… Rekilled? Redeaded? I dunno… Yeah he went splat to the floor when I was done. (Nice sword on him by the way). Then the other casket had some movement… OMG another one! It was the priestly dude… As he rose the area around him turned cold. It hurt being near him. You could feel life leaving you if you were next to him. I was uhhh taking a “nap” since this guy looked weak. I was tired, bloodied, and you know below 0… (HARHARHAR a cold joke/ hp joke.) Everyone else finished him off in my stead… Except Taeghan (KARMA is a bitch! You kept the dagger from me…I hope you liked your nap.)

Once Mr. Holier-Than-Thou was dead part of the party left to go see what was happening outside. Meanwhile I stayed inside with a few others to put the bodies back together and replace them in their “proper place.” I guess I was kind of clumsy because somehow during that long fight my sword ended up in Capt. Crunchs hands. Oh well they look the same anyway. Who would notice right? It would be rude to accuse us. We did them a huge favor by doing this and cleaning up. They will be so grateful and happy with us they shouldn’t notice. Even if they do I plan on being long gone from this realm by them. I feel the late great Capt would be proud that someone who bested him in combat is wielding his sword… It is a shame for his sword to never see combat again. He was a fine warrior. I think I got a little Captain in me… /captainpose

Prayers to the Raven Queen (RV1C)
Most Holy goddess of death, fate and winter, your humble servant asks you to reveal your will.

I find myself in a strange land, pressed into service in defense of a town under siege. I travel with a group known as the 74th Cadre. The human, Coyote, seems most adept at bringing beings to their ultimate fate. Mhadcrysilo, a shardmind, has a need to control our destinies. If it be your will, I ask that you provide the means to show him the error of his ways. Paelius, one of two dragonborne in the cadre, is a paladin of Amaunator. He seems to have no fear. Help me ensure that he does not become prideful in his ability to withstand great odds. The other dragonborne, Rask, appropriately shows deference to me, while assisting me in healing duties. Raziel, a deva, is quite proficient in destroying undead, which I pray brings you some gratification. Taeghan, an elf, may possibly be converted to our Unkindness as his faith in elven gods wanes. Thus far, my teammates in the cadre have proven themselves useful instruments in carrying out your divine bidding.

For our first mission we were asked to destroy undead abominations in a local crypt. I must confess, at first, a burning anger welled inside me at the sight of them. In the end, however, this anger changed to rapture as I witnessed the monstrosities destroyed. To your great glory, we vanquished them all and the dead rest in peace again. As long as our missions continue to coincide with your commandments, I will remain with the cadre. I know it is my fate to be here, and I pray that I am following your desires. Continue to grant me guidance to carry out my fate, and divine my purpose here in this place.

Ever your faithful servant in death, Amen.

(Out of game: a flock of ravens is known as an “unkindness”)

The View of a Killer- Day 2 (RV1B)
So we trained with some new people today. Two of the Dragonborne… One is a red and another blue. I’ve never fought one before… I wonder if they will spar sometime. I think the armored one would be fun. He looks too slow to hurt me. I’m not going to underestimate that tail though. I’ve fought many animals before and crocs have dangerously strong tails. I’ve seen them snap the legs of slow fools like a green stick. I’m sure they can do the same.

We entered the Crypts again to resume our task. We didn’t have Nene and the Minotaur this time. Shame… That minotaur was awesome to fight with. Fought even more undead. The weapons from our previous days kills were gone! Did someone take them or did they disappear by magic? Beats me… All I know is we are looking for a dagger… Reassemble the corpses we kill again? HA! Do I look like a maid… I had better be getting paid for this. If not I think killing the halfling will suffice. They are annoying… No one will miss him. Well, I guess he provides cover for if I steal something. Halflings have stickyfingers anyway… I could use him as a suspect!

We cleared two long fights in the crypts today. I hear the undead trying to escape down the hall… They are smarter than I thought. Another fight is about to begin but we are out of time…



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