Shadar-Kai - Cleric of the Raven Queen


Before you stands a tall, lithe man with vaguely human features. His skin is ashen, almost alabaster. His long white hair is braided in narrow strands that hang down loosely. His eyes are a solid glinting black. He wears black chainmail, and a long, white, hooded cloak. In his hands he carries a scythe, the top shaped like a raven’s head, the blade the raven’s beak. Around his neck is a silver medallion on a chain, stamped with the head of a raven.


Vindar-Ka by Greg Tillman (Out of Game entertainment value only)

My name is Vindar-Ka. Shadar-Kai of the Shadowfell, and cleric of the Raven Queen, goddess of death, fate and winter.

My story starts with my father. He was also a cleric of the Raven Queen. Growing up, my brother and I wanted nothing more than to please him, to win his approval, to make him proud… but it was not to be. You see, pride is a sin among my people. We see it as renouncing fate. No one should be proud of his accomplishments. Everything happens because it was meant to be, not because one made it happen.

When we were old enough, my brother and I went to the temple as acolytes, training to become clerics. My brother excelled at everything, always besting me. When he completed his final trial, and was made a full cleric, I saw the first glimmer of pride that I had ever seen on my father’s face, and my brother lorded it over me. That’s when the jealousy set in. I hated my brother after that.

Then came the time for my final trial. I was sent out to find someone and punish them for their hubris. I asked to borrow a Konvar-Doa, a minor magic item used to bring out pain and suffering in the prideful.

Instructed in its use, I went home and confronted my prideful brother, but he was ready for me, and bested me yet again. There was a struggle, and he wrested the Konvar-Doa from me. He attempted to use it on me, but not being instructed in its use, he couldn’t control it. A bystander was killed… my father.

I fled back to the temple expecting to be thrown out, but instead I was welcomed in and made into a full cleric. You see, I had indeed punished the prideful. My brother, so proud that he had won our father’s approval, had him taken away.

I was confused and hurt. So, I walked out into the misty darkness of the Shadowfell to try to come to grips with what had happened. Eventually, in the darkness I came to realize that I was being punished as well. I had tried to steer my own fate, and would never see my father flash me a faint glimmer of approval. I needed to let go and let things run their course. That’s when I emerged from the mists and was here.

I am here because it is my fate to be here.


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