Paelius T'wrynn

Noble Blue Dragon-born Paladin


A Holy warrior blessed and armed with the light of the great sun god Amaunator. I am the wielder of the great shield, Pathos, and my battle axe, Scar. I wear heavy plate armor that is as much a part of me as my natural blue dragon scale, and claws so sharp as to draw blood from the very air I breathe with the smallest hand gesture. I can bring forth radiant lightning from my breath to smite my enemies and render them incapacitated with blue bolts of lightning. I was blessed by Amaunator that day in the dark arena, charged with his will to fight evil before I am returned home to lead my people and protect the northern lands.


Deep in the mountains, in the far northern lands, where life is abundant and the trees grow tall and green, the waters rush with the sounds of the thunder carving their roads to the sea from the mountain tops of the melting snows, and the sun shown down on the face of the land every day. I Paelius T’wrynn was born from a distinguished and noble family. My father Was Tillius, son of Malleus the Crusher, from the ancient royal line of the Blue Dragon Falzon the Colossal, a family line long since charged to uphold the duties and honor of the Paladial warriors, the Praetorian Blue Dragons, the radiant defenders of the lands in the north from all evils and creatures of malevolent discourse. In an oath bound by blood and lightning, Falzon swore that he and his descendants would protect all the Northern lands for Amaunator the Sun-God from all that would plunder its fruits and destroy its heart and soul that is the gold coursing deep within the mountains. As a young warrior I trained with Thool Rhak, we would fight in competitions in pits across the northern trade towns, I of course would fight under another name since my royal identity could not be known, for no one would fight me. My skills as a warrior and a leader were complete, I had won all my battles, I would be the strongest holy warrior in all the lands, I would serve Amaunator and honor Falzon the Colossal when my time came, and come it would.

Like my Grandfather and Father before me, it was to be my station to keep the seekers of destruction at bay, until one day something changed. A wicked evil had caused the sun not to give its light, and darkness covered the land, and while the praetorian clergy prayed to Amaunator, the paladin warriors prepared for any surprises that would surely come of this nefarious threat. It began with a howling wind that would rush through the land and up the mountain sides, then like the arrival of a great and terrible storm, they were there at the edge of the great river that divided the northern lands from the plains. Darkened black figures that stood like a great impenetrable wall of darkness, like a black iron curtain, armed with malice and contempt in their souls and weapons of destruction in their hands, and their eyes glowed red of fire, pure evil.

We could not allow them to cross the river, so we charged with strength of Amaunator, a brilliant light emerged from the army of 5000 paladin soldiers, the praetorian were one shining beacon of hope, Illuminated by the great god, emboldened with the strength and courage of Falzon the Colossal, united we fought. From a distance the battle would look as if the darkness of evil and the radiance of lightning from all the warriors were embraced in a choreographic symphony of death and destruction, a dance of death, and the deep trembling clash of swords and battle axe’s, the trample of the very ground from thousands of soldiers could be heard for miles. The finest warriors in all the land were being killed, but we were denying their ambitions of pillage and death. The darkness could not prevail, the battle would last for the entire day and through night, and when they left, my army lay in tatters but victorious, Dragons lay in pieces, but the land was safe, and I did not die on the battlefield, I did not receive a warriors death, I was captured.

I was bound and blind-folded and taken to a land where darkness and chaos are the order of the day. I was tried to be made a servant by the lord of the land, a lich devil. When I refused the offer with insolence and disgust in my voice I was forced to battle as a gladiator in his ring of dishonor. The lich knew who I was and of my station and family, and thought that I should be made to suffer. Killing me would only ascend me to martyrdom due to having saved the northern lands from assured annihilation in the name of Amaunator. And so in the time I was captured and for two years hence, I was made to kill those who were weaker than I, needlessly and dishonorably. I was ashamed. I prayed that Amaunator would forgive me, I prayed that he would set me free to destroy my enemy. The lich was trying to turn me, and make me his evil pawn. As time went on, I felt my self slipping away from hope and giving in to my apparent fate. My heart was growing blacker and blacker, with each swing of my axe I enjoyed the cries of pain and the spill of blood on the ground, I was mesmerized by the glisten of it on the edge of my blade, I became thirsty for more, in my heart what I was doing was evil and I knew it. At last when almost all of me was consumed with hate and all the was pure in me was near death, while in battle in the ring, after I smote down my foe, with the last vestige of goodness in my ever growing black heart, before the evil had completely consumed me, I cried out to him a cry so loud, that it could shake very ground I stood on, “Amaunator why has thou forsaken me”.

In that instant, a brilliant light shown down onto me and all was still in the arena no sound, no movement as if frozen in time, I was before my god, he said to me, “I will set you free, and send you back to your land and with the honor of your forefathers, but before I do, you must redeem yourself for the evil that has grown in your heart. You will swear an oath to me as you stand before me, and you will do as I ask, and when my will is met, I will send you home one day, but not until then. Do you so swear?”. And I did, before him so swear, and with swirl of wind, a bright blinding light and a crash of thunder, I arrived in the dark mist of Ravenloft, to do my lords will.

Paelius T'wrynn

Ravenloft-Texas Paelius