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Deep in the Feywild, an orb of pure thought, emotions, and dreams obtained sentience. This orb wandered around the Feywild for years. While wandering the Feywild the darkness spoke to him, deepspeech it was, calling to him. He did not follow the voices, his curiosity drove hime further. Eventualy this orb came across an Eladrin ranger. Making a connection with this ranger he began to speak, telepathicaly learning Elven and Common.

Mhadcrysilo he decided he would be called. Tall, somewhat slender as the male Eladrin he met while wandering through the Feywild. His hair appears to be strands of gold and white gold, fair as the full moon, blessed be the goddes of the moon Sehanine. His skin golden yellow like the sands of the shores of Arasin with eyes of blue. His skin shimmers in the light of day and his eyes of blue glow under the light of Sehanine.

Brought into existance through emotion, pulled together with sheer willpower, Mhadcrysilo was eager to experience life, the new sensations that only a body could give and receive. Far and wide he traveled, the Eladrin had spoke of grand cities where one could experience many many sensations. This intreigued him, he must seek out these sensations, feel what it is like to live! Mhadcrysilo found his way to the city of Liberty Point – “The Jewel by the Sea” where he found that these mortals favored something called coin. This “coin” was required to gain knowledge and to experience new sensations, he had to find a way to obtain this … coin. Mhadcrysilo found himself working with a band of thieves, The Ferrets. Quickly finding that picking someones pocket was not going to be successful for Mhadcrysilo, “Chaos”, the leader of The Ferrets, assigned him to a fencing operation he had. It just so happened that he had an opening, as the last fencer was hauled off to jail… the reason was not afforded to Mhadcrysilo. The coin

Mhadcrysilo earned at his new fencing venture, since it was unecessary to eat and he required minimal rest, went to tuition to attend the Academy of Science. While at the academy he realized he was able to conjure powers laden within him. Unlike casting a spell as in the tombs he was reading, these powers came from deep inside, where the glow resided.

Chaos became weary of Mhadcrysilo’s “learning” at the academy and had some of his lackys watching him. Mhadcrysilo was curious about this new sensation he was being subjected to, fear. It was an odd sensation that stirred his new found emotions. He had a sense of panic and a sense of anger. Mhadcrysilo welcomed these new sensations, he felt that it was part of the mortal experience. He continued to persue knowledge at the academy.

Unknown to Mhadcrysilo, there was another member of The Ferrets attending classes at the academy. This student was a plant for “The Tailors” police force. The information given to The Tailors started to become a problem for Chaos, this could not be tolerated. Mhadcrysilo was brought into the thieves guild where he was questioned about his involvement, to which he was clueless. All the evidence pointed to Mhadcrysilo as the leak. Chaos decided to have Mhadcrysilo punished as an example that no one working for the Ferrets betrays them without punishmant. Mhadcrysilo having done none of what he was accused resisted, “There must be a way to prove my innocence” Mhadcrysilo proclaimed. Chaos smiled, as an evil and twisted grin adorned his face. Mhadcrysilo was given a task, to “prove” his worth, to kill a family that owed Chaos money. Mhadcrysilo was told how this family was wealthy and refused to pay their dues. He was told that it was what Chaos had demed their “Fair Share”. The contract that Chaos held in his hand stated that non payment was punishable with death. Mhadcrysilo felt he had no choice, it was either kill, or be killed.

Mhadcrysilo prepared himself for a fight, he was informed that these people would be ready for him and he should strike hard and fast, not giving them any chances. As Mhadcrysilo approached the house he noticed that he was hin a poor district His core began to pulse faster and brighter, this sensation, the anticipation. The lacky that was sent to ensure the job was done kicked in the door, Mhadcrysilo’s time had come. Mhadcrysilo rushed inside the home and without hesitation, as instructed, slaughtered everyone inside. This was the first time he killed someone. He looked around the room, blood everywhere, he looked at his victoms and saw a woman, dressed in average city clothing, a man who looked like he may have just arrived from work. Next to them, Mhadcrysilo saw something that he was not prepared for… two small children, torn to pieces by Mhadcrysilos’s powers. He felt a sinking within, what was this feeling?, this… awefull sensation in his core.

Mhadcrysilo had been lied to, Chaos had wanted these people dead as an example to the other residents of the city to pay up. While Mhadcrysilo was free to return to work, and the informant was still gathering information. Mhadcrysilo began to weep inside, “What have I done” he thought to himself “So young and had not experienced all the wonderfull sensations life and body provide”.

Mhadcrysilo left for the shop the next morning, a fog had set in. This was no ordinary fog, it was thick. As he walked to the shop the fog began to get thicken. Soon he could not see more than mere inches. Mhadcrysilo had walked this path many mornings, he knew his way so he pressed on. When he thought he had arrived at the shop… nothing was there, he was lost! Mhadcrysilo waited for a while in hopes that the fog would lift, but it persisted. As he sat in this fog, one by one a sound from the city would stop, never to return. Eventualy there were no city sounds, all was quiet. Mhadrcysilo decided he would just go back the way he came, walking back there were still no sounds, even his own footsteps made no sound.

The fog began to lift, and as it did, Mhadcrysilo realised he was not in Liberty Point any more…


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