Coyote Brown



Very masculine teabagging rogue.


I dub this huge Captain undead guy…CAPTAIN CRUNCH!

-Coyote Brown in the Crypts of Pelor

Even on the ground bleeding out, and unconscious this rogue has the stregnth left in him to call dibs on the magic longsword… /facepalm… Look how the hell did that end up in his hand. He is supposed to be unconscious! -Taeghan Eveningstar


There is more to Coyote Brown than his gross humor and brutal fighting style. He is a tortured soul hiding his pain through his humor and copes by inflicting pain elsewhere. Whether it is verbally or it is physically.

Coyote as of yet hasn’t opened up to most of the party. He spilled a little of his pain to [insert Walt’s Elf Ranger name here]. Mainly because he could sense his pain as well. As most people who are suffering from loss they group together and talk about it a little and bond.

Born under the name Karrl Von Dukengaard III, Coyote was born to Karrl Von Dukengaard II and Lady Dukengaard during the spring. His father was born into his wealth due to his father’s father working his way to being wealthy and his father spent his money on gambling and drinking, much to his wife’s disapproval. It later led to both his father and mother’s demise when a loan shark accidentally killed his father when trying to prove a point… This occured in front of Coyote at the age of about 6-7 years. The shark realized what he had done and killed his mother and attempted to take Coyote’s life as well to cover his tracks. Coyote escaped into the streets knocking over a lamp and causing a fire as cover. Coyote ended up in a corrupt orphanage in the Kingfisher district (very corrupt part of town) which was a front business for a slaver whom dealt with arena candidates. Since Coyote was the new kid he was picked on. The slaver had no problems selling him away since no one cares about a dirty orphan rat. >p>

Coyote was bought by a man from the Kingfisher district who trained him to fight underground. Coyote had no rights and saw very little of the money he won his owner. In the arena was where Coyote earned his namesake… The announcer was baffled that he had survived so many matches that he decided that the slave needed a name… The announcer called him Coyote due to the fact he was quite the trickster in fights. He feigned and when foes fell for his traps he punished them dearly. Coyote came back from a match to find himself ownerless one night when he discovered his master died choking on his own vomit. Coyote accepted the money the arena clerk dropped off to the inn nightly after the fights and decided it was time to be his own master. He hired someone to play the part of his “new” master and pocketed most the money from his next years worth of arena matches and left Liberty Point to pursue other ventures.

Coyote Brown

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