Uneasy Thoughts

Red Apple Chronicles, Entry 4

The death of Rask seems to have shaken Coyote. He appears close to the Coyote I first met. Or perhaps I should call him Karl now, as he claims that is his true name. Like all things in this cursed realm, I trust nothing to last.

Romzen is either a great liar or totally incompetent. Either way he is an annoyance and obstacle to be overcome. I am conflicted, as the senior priest of the Raven Queen in this realm appears to have his own agenda. Is it the agenda of the Dark Lady, or something more sinister. She has seen fit to bring Rask back to us, but he has been . . . altered. He seems to be a soulless automaton; this makes me uneasy. He was able to see through the deception of the Dwarves we are now helping. This realm is insidious, sending creatures against us that steal our very identities. I must meditate and recenter my Chi.



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