Prayers to the Raven Queen

Most holy goddess of death, fate and winter, I take a small moment in time before our next battle to ask you to grant me guidance.

I believe one of our number will soon be in your cold embrace, either by tempting fate in battle, or by the hand of someone his words have offended. I see how close he comes to his ultimate destiny that I have to wonder if healing him is a waste of your precious gifts to me. If death calls to him so clearly who am I to stand in the way? Would it not be a greater use of my abilities to ensure the others in our cadre fulfill their purposes in life? His actions threaten the potential destinies of us all. If this be part of your plan to reveal your will to me, I accept that what will be, will be… but I’m afraid that as of yet I’m not wise enough to divine your will. Thus I ask you to grant me the vision to make the correct decision.

Ever your faithful servant in death, Amen.


+100 exp, Extremely well roleplayed.

Prayers to the Raven Queen

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