Will of the Dead

To return back to this world is like emerging from a great rest before my time. I do not feel weary in body – indeed, I feel an unnatural strength flowing through my limbs. Rather, I feel weary of this place, these people, of existence itself. I am reluctant now – no, not reluctant – I simply do not have any care left for the affairs of these tiny little towns.

The cleric I must be wary of – either he is a fool and a novice, or he is willfully ignorant. He should know very well what I am, neither dead or alive, he of all of them should have stopped their efforts before bringing about my return. Even if his Raven Queen was involved, I know his people’s distaste towards the walking dead. There is very little to trust except their own brash idiocy.

These fools brought me back from death – and whether it is by their sacrifice or the Raven Queen’s intent, I care little. They waste the little life they have on the effort, and then blindly run further into danger. And the greatest fool is that human, just thinking about him makes my head ache in waves. I see little point in resisting their interests, I will follow them for now and perhaps the Raven Queen will make good on her promise of purpose.

Uneasy Thoughts
Red Apple Chronicles, Entry 4

The death of Rask seems to have shaken Coyote. He appears close to the Coyote I first met. Or perhaps I should call him Karl now, as he claims that is his true name. Like all things in this cursed realm, I trust nothing to last.

Romzen is either a great liar or totally incompetent. Either way he is an annoyance and obstacle to be overcome. I am conflicted, as the senior priest of the Raven Queen in this realm appears to have his own agenda. Is it the agenda of the Dark Lady, or something more sinister. She has seen fit to bring Rask back to us, but he has been . . . altered. He seems to be a soulless automaton; this makes me uneasy. He was able to see through the deception of the Dwarves we are now helping. This realm is insidious, sending creatures against us that steal our very identities. I must meditate and recenter my Chi.

interesting development

A raven screeching, darkness fills the the air of the small prayer room. I sense a twisted presence, it seems familiar like when my sentience began. Rask has proven his spiritual resolve and returned, but he has changed.

Rook he is called now, his awareness seems more keen than before. Coyote’s fate is intertwined with Rooks, we will see if that calms his eagerness to die.

With Rook’s conversion to the Raven Queens faith it is now evident that her pull is quite formidable to mortal souls, I find this most interesting. Perhaps much knowledge can be gained by more in-depth study…

Realm of the Raven Queen

The realm of the dead is not tread lightly. The chill of the place seeps in so slowly, but it creeps upon your mind so that soon there is little thought but for the cold. It harrows away whatever scraps of self that you carry with you from life. It is no torture, but those who arrive to the Raven Queen’s domain have little reason to fight it.

The path into her halls is long – for those without life in them, it is very literally years for their journey. Watching the journey of the souls into her court is like viewing a torrent in a river, but from within the time stretches out into nothingness. The silence of the place drains you of emotion. There is no shortcut to reach the Raven Queen in the end.

But I did reach her, that I do remember. There is no joy in that moment, but neither is there fear or pain. Without words a soul’s fate is decided and enacted. Within that moment, an eternity of judgment and decision lay. I remember that she spoke to me, spoke to me truth about my life and future with absolute certainty. But I do not remember WHAT she spoke. Then the moment was shattered. I could feel my path shift from the cycle of death and rebirth and see her realm rush away from me, but for her face, held there before me as my presence was forcibly rewoven into the fabric of the world.

The truth is that I had no honor with my family, that I could find no honor in my profession, and that there was no honor in my death. Perhaps it was my fate all along. Perhaps it is a lesson that needed to be taught. And for a Dragonborn, it is a bitter lesson – that in the face of death, there is no honor, no pride that will sustain you. I clung for too long to the idea that the innocent were worth protecting, that the act of defending them was worth any cost. But what cost is it if they arrive at the Raven Queen’s domain a few years before their time. I have no illusions now about that – by her hand I return, to do her will. I hold no love for her as a master, but it is futile to resist. I care now about completing whatever it is her shadowed will has intended for me and then leaving this mortal coil. It will be a mercy to return to my rest when it is complete.

The Shattering of the Mind

Why am I feeling this guilt over someone’s death? I have been taking lives and keeping score for so long I don’t know how many I have killed in my life… Yet for the first time someone died and it should have been me… This Rask character tried to anticipate what I was going to do and when I hesitated he was slain almost immediately… I feel guilty. Was I trying to be strategic or was I being a coward… Had I rushed headlong would it have saved him or just gotten two of us killed? We shall never know. I feel like the party blames me for his death for being too unpredictable.

I have been foolish… Worrying over my problems when everyone else has had them as well. I have been worried only about myself when others have been suffering as well with me. I so far only know of one persons problems other than my own. That is the problems of Taeghan. He is shunned by his family due to some evil being possessing his cousin and forcing him to kill his kin. I know not of anyone elses tale of how they got here and where they are going… I shall find out. For the only way to make it out of here is to work together.

I can only hope and pray… To whom I have no clue. The Raven Queen has developed quite the following in our group… I see her sway being taught and changing people. I don’t know whether to follow along or just hide my hand for now and watch how this plays out.

I have never had much use for the gods and their drama and political wars of their followings. I just let them argue amonst themselves. Maybe let them fight one another as well… I just check the bodies. A man’s gotta make a living.

Anyone who turns their nose to my looting the dead hasn’t lived in the streets. When one has no family or food one will do what you must to survive through the night. I’ve eaten rats, molded bread, and bugs… I will do what I must!

Coyote’s writing is starting to go into an angry rant… His letter becomes harder to read but his anger and sarcasm become very blantant.

I know I made a scene in front of the Lord in the town… I do not care! They care more about their possessions than the lives of their loved ones. The coward should have told his wench to shut up and grab her things and go. The stupid deserve death… I’m sure even the Raven Queen believes that. Maybe I should ask Vindar-Ka… I think he would love for me to join his little cult following for his beloved Raven Queen…

The rant looks like it continues on another page but the page is missing.

A conversation with Coyote...

Coyote, I believe your actions lately have been rash. It has lead to the breaking down of our team functions and the death of Rask. I will not falsely believe that your actions will change, I now have come to expect them. I do not expect remorse or pity to be shown. You are who you are and act freely, your path has been set before you, your direction is yours to choose. Our paths are currently intertwined, all of us have choices to make that will be influenced by the events we experience. May our decisions be full of fruitful outcomes and our time of existence long.

By the way, I see you have the staff that robed figure had, what else did he have that the party may have use for?

Bloody Mess, the fall of a comrad

Throughout the night we fight against numerous foes. Swords clashing, flesh rending, arrows flying, … there is blood, our blood. The enemy has tested our mettle and we have succeeded, but at a cost. Rask has fallen, following that reckless Coyote he has met what may be his end. I believe his energy persists in this realm and will take his shell to the temple in town. If he wishes and they are able, he might be given a second chance.

Have I truly done my best to protect these mortals I am with? I believe I now have a better understanding of fate, you can control your destiny, but only if you have the will to do so.

Roguish Rhyme
  • Here we are done with our task!
  • So where is my dagger, he shall to us ask.
  • Not even a minute in the sunlight, can we bask?
  • To the inn! I wish to tap a new cask.
  • How you doin’, how have you been?
  • Man I’m glad to see you again.
  • Being this stupid must be a sin.
  • No time for rest I have need again!
  • But nay, its off to do another chore!
  • Man I just got tired of their war…
  • As we walk off I call his mother a whore.
  • Filling up buckets, heh, what a bore…
  • We planted traps. We hid them well.
  • Died of poison, those rogues fell.
  • Why burn the brewery, such a crime deserves hell.
  • They are for whom it rings. The skirmish bell!
  • Protect this, protect that, fill this bucket…
  • I just want to tell him to FUCK IT!
Newfound Hope
Red Apple Chronicles, Entry 3

When I first arrived here, I found a kindred spirit in Coyote. Then I sought solace in the recklessness of death. I think through my conversations with Vindar-Ka and Madchrysilo and bo observing their actions that I am starting to understand the keys to the Raven Queen—accepting one’s fate and balance. I look at the reckless Coyote and see my own fate if I had continued down the road of despair. I will not let this land corrupt me, and turn into an evil hater of everything, even myself. The Raven Queen has sent us here for a purpose. I will submit my will to her.

Taeghen Eveningfall

Prayers to the Raven Queen

Most holy goddess of death, fate and winter, I take a small moment in time before our next battle to ask you to grant me guidance.

I believe one of our number will soon be in your cold embrace, either by tempting fate in battle, or by the hand of someone his words have offended. I see how close he comes to his ultimate destiny that I have to wonder if healing him is a waste of your precious gifts to me. If death calls to him so clearly who am I to stand in the way? Would it not be a greater use of my abilities to ensure the others in our cadre fulfill their purposes in life? His actions threaten the potential destinies of us all. If this be part of your plan to reveal your will to me, I accept that what will be, will be… but I’m afraid that as of yet I’m not wise enough to divine your will. Thus I ask you to grant me the vision to make the correct decision.

Ever your faithful servant in death, Amen.


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